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1/6/08 - January 2008 FIDE Rating List

FIDE has released the year end rating list. All of the top players saw significant action during this quarter and there was a considerable shake-up. Vladimir Kramnik and Vishy Anand, both at 2799 occupy the top spot with Kramnik getting the nod with more games played. The chess world should see a tremendous battle when these two duel for the world title in Germany later this year. This is the second time Kramnik has occupied the #1 spot, but never by himself. On the previous occasion he was tied with Kasparov. Kramnik made a big gain with a dominating performance in the Tal Memorial, while Vishy dropped a couple of points from draws in the European Club Cup. Veselin Topalov(2780) moved up to number 3 on the strength of his victory in xxx. #4 Alexander Morozevich (2765), and #6 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2760) both posted slight gains. Larger gains were seen by the two players who crossed 2750, #5 Peter Svidler (2763) and the most active player in the period, #7 Alexei Shirov (2755), who was runner-up in the World Cup. Both #8 Peter Leko (2753) and #9 Vassily Ivanchuk (2751) posted losses, but stayed above 2750, making it a record 9 players above that mark.

Gata Kamsky (2726) continues to lead the US list. He was the winner of the World Cup and will play a match with Topalov to determine the next Challenger to the World Championship as there finally seems to be the semblance of a cycle for the world title. Hikaru Nakamura (2670) passed Alexander Onischuk (2664) to take the second spot. Yasser Seirawan (2628) makes it 4 Americans in the top 100. Another 5 players are over 2600, but that isn't good enough for the top 100 anymore: Shabalov (2622), Shulman ( 2614), Ibargimov (2605), Kaidanov(2604) and Ehlvest (2601). Varuzhan Akopian (2599) is just short of making it 10 US 2600 players.

I dropped 8 points at Kings Island. My win over Allsbrook was not counted because he didn't have a FIDE rating. I dropped one place for each point to #138 on the US list.