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4/30/08 - April 2008 FIDE Rating List

With his victory in this year's Morelia/Linares supertournament, Vishy Anand (2803) once again crossed the 2800 barrier and took over the top spot on the FIDE rating list. Meanwhile, former co-#1 Vladimir Kramnik (2788) struggled at Wijk aan Zee, but kept the #2 position. Alexander Morozevich (2774) scored an outstanding 8/11 to win the Russian Championship and move into 3rd. Veselin Topalov (2767) also had a poor Wijk aan Zee despite winning a brilliant game over Kramnik. He didn't recover any points in Linares and slips to 4th. The Norwegian wonderboy Magnus Carlsen (2765) was the big gainer, equal first at Wijk aan Zee and just half a point off Anand's pace in Linares. The other co-winner at Wijk aan Zee, Levon Aronian (2763) is hot on his heels at #6, while the two Azerbaijanis, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2752) and Teimour Radjabov (2751) complete this period's Club 2750. There are now 24 players above 2700 with #22 Bu (2708) and #24 Ni (2703) becoming the first Chinese players to cross that mark.

The US list continues to see the idle Gata Kamsky (2726) leading the way. Hikaru Nakamura (2686) tied with Bu in Gibraltar and also shared first in the North American Open to inch closer to 2700. The rest of the US list is relatively unchanged, more movement should be seen next period when the US Championship is rated. The rest of the top 10 are the usual names: Onischuk, Shabalov, Seirawan, Shulman, Ehlvest, Akobian, Ibragimov, and Kaidanov.

I stayed about even at Land of the Sky, but dropped 6 at the Nashville Open, to 2314. Unexpectedly, I moved up a bunch of spots to #113 on the US list. That was certainly a surprise, but I checked it a couple of times. Possibly a large number of US players became inactive on this list? Further investigation is needed.