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4/30/07 - April 2007 FIDE Rating List

The quarterly FIDE rating list came out earlier this month. The big news was that at long last Vishy Anand (2786) has claimed the top spot becoming only the 6th player to hold the #1 spot. There was a bit of controversy, however, as the list initially released by FIDE still had Veselin Topalov (2772) in first. This was due to a new FIDE regulation that required events to be completed no later than one month prior to release of the list. As the Linares tournament didn't finish until March 11th, it was not included in the list. This caused an uproar among Anand's fans as Linares had been included on the April list in years past. In a typical FIDE move, they ignored their own regulations and reissued the list with Linares included.

World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (2772) is now tied with Topalov for the #2 spot. The #4 spot seems to keep revolving. This time Alexander Morozevich (2762) takes the place based on his strong finish (5.5/7) in Linares. Levon Aronian (2759) moved back over 2750, and I think Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2757) makes it a record 6 players over 2750.

There wasn't much change in the US list, which is still headed by world #19 Gata Kamsky (2705) followed by Alexander Onischuk(2663) and Hikaru Nakamura(2663). Jaan Ehlvest (2643) was the big mover gaining 32 points to inch ahead of Yasser Seirawan (2642) for the 4th spot giving the US 5 top 100 players. Shabalov(2606), Ibragimov(2602), Shulman(2600), and Kaidanov (2587) follow, while Alexander Goldin (2577) replaces Varuzhan Akobian (2574) in the top ten.

I climbed back over 2300 with a 19 point gain from Land of the Sky to 2311. This puts me 154th nationally and #5104 in the world.