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4/30/05 - April FIDE rating list

The latest FIDE rating list was released earlier this month. Many prominent tournaments were rated for this period, so there was considerable movement.

Depite his retirement, Garry Kasparov(2812) remains #1. Usually, it takes a year or two of inactivity before FIDE removes someone, so Kasparov should extend his record of number one appearances for at least a few more lists. Vishy Anand(2785) continues to creep towards 2800 and remains in the #2 spot. #3 Veselin Topalov(2778) narrowed the gap between himself and Anand. Peter Leko's(2763) victory at Wijk aan Zee moved him past World Champion Vladimir Kramnik(2753). Ivanchuk, Adams, Polgar, Bacrot, and Svidler round out the top 10. Club 2700 is getting crowded with a record 19 players.

The US Championship was rated for this list, so most of the US players had a change. Gata Kamsky(2700, 19th in world) came out of retirement and reclaimed his spot as the top US player. US Champion Hikaru Nakamura(2657, 43rd) takes over the #2 spot from Alexander Onischuk(2638, 60th). Retired Yasser Seirawan (2631, 73rd) hangs on to the 4th spot. Alexander Goldin (2615, 100th) rounds out the US players in the top 100. The rest of the top 10 US are familiar names: Kaidanov, Ibragimov, Shabalov, Gulko, and Novikov.

My rating went up one point to 2323 from the Kings Island Open. I had expected a couple of more points, but in what seems to be the case every year with the Kings Island tournament, there looks like there was a problem with the rating. The FIDE report says I had 1.5/2. I played the first two rounds under the accelerated time control, which should not be rated, but the last 3 rounds were all at normal time controls against FIDE rated opponents and I scored 2.5/3, so one of my wins did not get rated. Despite the point gain I dropped one place on the US list to #148, but moved up over 100 places on the world list to #4651.