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4/29/04 - April 2004 FIDE Rating List

The latest FIDE rating list is out and there are plenty of changes at the top. Garry Kasparov(2817) +1 at Linares cost him a few points, and while he is still #1, he is perhaps coming back into sight of new number 2 Vishy Anand(2774). Anand scored a convincing win at Wijk aan Zee and after seeming to be in the third position for a very long time, finally passed World Champion Vladimir Kramnik(2764) whose victory in Linares was not enough to offset a poor showing at Wijk aan Zee. The man who is suppposed to challenge Kramnik for the title this fall, Peter Leko(2741) is back in the 4-spot. The rest of the top 10 had a little shuffling, but is mostly composed of the usual suspects. Club 2700 dropped a couple of members, back to 16, as #17 Vladimir Malakhov(2695) and #19 Ivan Sokolov(2690) lost a few points.

The statistics portion of the FIDE site seems much improved. You can get all sorts of interesting country statistics now. For the US, about half (693/1383) of the FIDE rated players are active. Among active players there are 36 GMs, 53 IMs, and 138 FMs. The average rating of all active US players is 2227. Seven US players are now 2600+, with Boris Gulko being the latest addition.

My own rating stayed the same at 2326. I had expected to have gained a couple of points from the Kings Island Open, but for some reason (likely a foul up by US Chess) this event did not get rated. The card on the FIDE site shows that I am ranked #139 in the US and #4418 in the world.